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Bristol South Cycling Club will be promoting the following events

DateEventOrganiserCourseMore Info
Sun 22nd Jan 2017 BSCC Western League Cyclocross Steven Green CX more
Sun 26th Mar 2017 BSCC Road Race (Women Only 2/3/4 cat) Claire Greenfield PriddyRR more
Sun 2nd Apr 2017 BSCC Road Race (3/4 cat) David Braidley RR more
Sun 23rd Apr 2017 BSCC Open 25 TT Luke Smith U109 more
Sat 13th May 2017 BSCC Open 10 TT Andy Legge U102 more
Sun 11th Jun 2017 BSCC Open 50 TT Steve MacDonald U86/50 more
Sun 22nd Oct 2017 BSCC Open Hill Climb TT Christina Gyles UH26 more
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