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BSCC Strava Monthly Challenge

The concept is basically akin to what several other cycling clubs already do:

  • Nominate a Strava segment (or stretch of road/track) each month and circulate it around the club
  • Members ride it as many times as they like over the next 30-odd days in order to try and set their fastest possible time
  • If you have a GPS phone or garmin (or other) you can upload official times onto Strava.com.
    If you ride less high-tech, without a GPS, you can still ride the segment and compare your times, just you wont appear on the websites official listings.
    The idea is to encourage some camaraderie and some light competition.
    These are not serious races and the only prizes are those of participation and bonhomie.

    The BSCC strava group is www.strava.com/clubs/bristol-south-cc

    This is intended as friendly competition, designed to introduce riders to new hills away from their regular routes.
    The selected stretches of road are intentionally going to be uphill (e.g. slow!); on quieter roads, relatively free from traffic lights and crossings.... but please ride carefully nonetheless. You are responsible for your own conduct and safety... not the club!

    This is a solo competition so group rides will not count.

    Never ride dangerously and always abide by the laws of the road

    Please ride them safely. And have fun!

    Jan 2015 Wedmore Vale
    Feb 2015 Cranbrook Lights Climb (safe finish)
    Mar 2015 Malborough Hill
    Apr 2015 Clarken combe
    Jun 2015 tower house lane (2nd half)
    Jul 2015 Hamburger Hill
    Aug 2015 big ring road climb
    Sep 2015 Redlynch Lane (safer)
    Oct 2015 Stoke Hill Interval
    Nov 2015 Ashton Hill, to the top
    Jan 2016 Col de Novers Hill
    Feb 2016 Naish hill (steep part)
    Mar 2016 Hyatts Wood Rd Climb
    Apr 2016 To the water tower
    May 2016 Over Ln Climb
    Jun 2016 Northstoke Lung Burner
    Jul 2016 Crew the Air Balloon
    Aug 2016 Brockley Combe
    Sep 2016 Wellsway (safer)
    Oct 2016 Refuel
    Nov 2016 LimeBURN & Wells Rd Climb
    Jan 2017 Romney Avenue
    Feb 2017 Woollard Lane - bottom to Slate Lane
    Mar 2017 Failand Lane up to Lower Failand
    Apr 2017 Chew Hill
    May 2017 Dyrham Sand Hill
    Jun 2017 Lee Dorsey
    Jul 2017 SAS challenge
    Aug 2017 Almondsbury hill