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August 19, 2019 - Smasher Meg does it again -
On Saturday in the Sportzmad 10 Meg Dickerson took another 37 seconds off of her club 10 mile record to lower it to a very impressive 20.28.

This is also now another course record that Meg holds.

Meg is now up to 15th overall in the all time womens 10 mile TT times.

July 9, 2019 - July Strava Update -
9 days in,
great to see 19 members have already ridden James Stevens Conham Hill segment
(although, possibly a couple of these may have been unintentional entries!!) - please mark your ride as "private" if you have benefitted from drafting another rider [at least for the remainder of the month!] as this is a competition for solo times

there's no doubt that drafting on would be an unfair advantage on this segment. James has set the bar high with the overall KOM - give it a go and curse the annoyingly bumpy tarmac!

May 21, 2019 - Strava Comp May update -

16 members have accelerated up Justin Desyllas Hollywood Lane segment.

We last ran that hill 5 years ago... you may be delighted to find your times have improved since then (less delighted when I reveal that the road has been resurfaced and is now much quicker!) Its not as steep as recent segments, but there is a kick at the top which you need to leave some energy for.

Its now May, and the overall competition includes your best 6 results - so you've still got time to make your move... 11 days left this month. Please remember there's no drafting for this competition - solo times only please! :-)

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