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Sept 2016
Wellsway (safer)

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September 20, 2016 - Strava Comp. update -
13 members have ridden Wellsway so far.

Andy Legge and Jo Knight have the fastest times (men and women).
Martyn Eves was first rider on the 1st.

Give the segment a go over the next fortnight - its a kinder gradient than we sometimes have... and even includes a tiny bit of descending.

Please ride it both safely (and solo) for the competition.

Guys- remember its your best 6 monthly scores that add up to your overall total - so still time to make your move!

September 17, 2016 - New 30 mile records set across the board -
On a brisk day in South Wales the 30 mile record fell in the junior, senior, ladies and team.

Jo Knight lowered her record by 29s to set it at 1:17:43

Andy Legge took the senior record off of Andy Griffiths with a 1:04:37

It only stood for 30 minutes until super junior Josh Griffiths finished smashing it with a 1:03:15 to hold both the junior and senior record.

Andy and Josh were helped by Mark Bradley who carded an impressive 1:05:26 to set the new team record of 3:13:18 lowering it by nearly 15 minutes.

Keeping it in the family Griffiths and Legge junior took the team record off of Griffiths and Legge senior.

Daniel Kempe took nearly 5 minutes off his pb to record a 1:07:06.
September 11, 2016 - another week, another record -
In a display of youthful power, newly 17 year old Josh Griffiths smashed nearly 3 minutes off his 25 junior record to lower it to a very impressive 51:06.

Next in his sights are Griffiths seniors 50:28 and club record of 49:58 held by Paul Jones.

more news and results here

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